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Related post: Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2007 22:06:09 -0500 From: Mika Yea-Rite Subject: Red Neck's Truck Hey Guys sorry for being so lame about posting stuff lately. To be honest I got my self a bf that was way fun but like a candy bar if you hold it to tight it melts and goes away. The usual crap applies, don't if ya ain't old enough or it breaks some rule or something. I prefer silicone based lubes these days but use your own preference. Here we go, like I was saying I ended up with a really cool guy and we had a great time together. He was real easy going helped me thru the last , hopefully operation on head to ease the pressure from the ass whipping I took. I guess I was in love I know I cared alot. I guess thats why it hurt so damn much when he decided to move back home. The boy was made to ride a horse and when preteen 12yr tgp his parents called and wanted him to help out preteens world free on the farm for a few weeks who would have thunk. So here I am after the holidays and alone again, poor yonge preteen models poor pitiful me. I had become rather tired of being that guy after spending the holidays at home myself helping my mom recover from surgery. I had settled in back on the beach, running working out and surfing the clean waves of winter time. I'm not much of a drinker but enjoy going out sometimes. I went out last night to a local watering hole. Now you have to remember that I live in a full on tourist town and we are in full off season. I left home about 10:30 no point getting there to early I wanted a playtoy not to get drunk. I'm pretty much a loner in life, or just a quiet kind of person. I"m socially easly accepted and fit in well. I was properly raised and schooled by my rent's. They had me in catillion all the right private schools and was heading to a great higher education when my head hit the concrete to many times. I'm in hot preteen beauties my early 20's 6' virtual preteen girls and slim but well muscled. I keep my hair cut real short and am naturally smooth. I have a small bush about my cock but almost no hair anywhere else a furry set of pits and thats about it. I can go days and days without shaving. Big feet long fingers great ass and sultry eyes. I get there mingle a bit and find preteens illegal free a place to hang out and begin the hunt. I see a couple of guys I surf preteen male nudists with often and they are pretty toasted. I talk to preteen candids pics some folks I know and move around some more. I see this guy cute guy about my height not wearing surf stuff. He was wearing a western shirt Levis and western boots, a silver belt buckle , red hair green eyes. I'm in heat, full on preteen boy naturist heat, this guys hot, alone it seems looking around but just looking. I sit back and sip on my beer. He's drinking a beer but hairless preteen nudists not with any hurry. I watch him for a bit he's definatly alone and from the looks of it won't talk to anyone just looking around. I decide to say hi, so I move youngest preteen nude around and ease up next to him and slide my warm beer to the rail. The bartender know's me sorta, or knows that i'm a half beer drinker. I say go ahead and get me one and one for the cowboy here too. He looks at me and smiles and says thats ok buuuuudddddd. He drawls out the bud, man thats hot. I say tropical preteen beauties he preteen tgp kiss dude, enjoy, looks like you and me are both here flying solo and your definatly not preteens virgins picture from here. He smiles a perfectly white spaced set of teeth. He says yea just in town for the weekend. I say where ya from cowboy? He says to me whats left of Buloxi Miss. i'm up here working on a construction job in Raliegh, never preteen toplist boys been nudes russian preteens to the ocean so I thought I would take a look. I say to him well this is probably the preteens sexy bikinis worst time of year to be here, cold as hell and pre teen gag boring. He says man I been living in a camper for 6 months and working latino preteens 6 days a week, anything is better than that. I say yea sounds pretty preteen fuck pics rough. Don't preteen gay sucking think I could handle it myself i'm not much on confined places. Thats why I like it here alot. Open beaches surfing quiet laid back life. He says to me ya'll surf this time of year. I say heck yea, this is the cleanest surf and the best waves, unless of course you want to surf hurricane waves. He says ya'll surf in hurricanes too, I say heck yea draws us preteen pantyhose mpeg to the waves like moths to a lampost. He smiles and says Gary, names Gary XXXXX I say nice to meet ya and he reaches out his hand to shake, I take his hand rough caloused and firm long fingers nice nails, keeps himself up. Funny young preteen moldes things you think as you meet folks huh. I say to him Mika XXXXX the pleasure is all mine I hope. Smile my most wicked smile and hold his shake a bit to long. I get preteen model new a bit of a confused lina 12 preteen look from him and I notice he drinks about as much as I do. He says to me anything else to do around here besides hang out in this bar. I say sure we can listen to the wind blow or go ride on the beach or ,,,, he says ride on the beach? whats up with that. I say come on i'll take photos preteen nudist you for a night ride on the beach. He says cool better than being here I guess. Besides i'm not to into the music they play. I say yea techno night I guess or something i'm not preteen teen xxx into the funk beat myself. He slips some money on the bar and we head out of the place. I drove the BMW and say to preteen chat nude him Gary look we gotta run by my place to get the jeep then we can go to the inlet. He says we can take his truck it's 4wd. I say thats cool, would ya mind following me to my place to leave my car, I really don't want to leave it here. He say no problem, I'll get my truck and you lead the way. I get girl preteen feet in my car and in a flash this giant chevy truck pulls up I mean giant huge tires roll bar fancy paint job lights everywhere loud ass pipes and a smiling red neck behind the wheel. I pull outa the space and we jet to my place, I get out say hey man u wana pee or grab a drink or something, He says yea thats cool he jumps down we head inside. preteenn wearing underware boy tgp preteen I lead to the fridge and say take whatever you want, he grabs a bottle of water and a apple and a banana. I say cool, get a bottle of water and a nana myself. I say lets ride. Man that trucks huge. He says yea cool ain't it. I say yea it's freaking huge, the tires look like something off discovery channel, he smiles a big white toothed smile and is so damn cute. He is looking around and sees the hot tub and says that thing on? I say all the time. He says he's staying in a dump across the bridge I say damn shame u coulda video sexy preteen crashed here if ya wanted too. He gives me that same look again and smiles and adds nothing more. I say we'll hit the hot tub after the beach if ya wanna. Lets go. Out the door we go and preteen teenagers galleries cute pussy preteen up, and I mean up into his truck. I had to literally jump to get into it, He lighted up into it like a deer. I give directions and Alan Jackson is on the radio, high end stereo system, the trucks nice he's done a ton to it an is real proud of his work. I pay him several compliments on the truck and he glows with each one. Ends up his family's home was wiped out during the storm, They moved in with family he's 23 graduated from some texas school with a education degree. Not really wanting to settle right now just working around doing construction stuff and whatever till he decides what to do. I glimpse preteenz child porn a insight before hidden he's well educated preteen porn new and quick witted. While he slow talks with toplist ukraine preteen that southern drawl lurking beneath is a preteen glamor nudes smart guy. We get to the inlet and turn onto the sand. He stops and jumps out to lock in the hubs and is back in the preteen lesbian naked truck again, this time with two more bottles of water. He moves the shifter in the floor and off we go, he starts flipping switches preteen latinos photos and lights come on and the front of the truck and beach is flooded with light it's almost like daylight. I say escorts preteen wow Gary, you really got this thing rigged up , he says back home we swamp our trucks gotta have lots of light an floatation tires, we cruise easily across the sand going south to the bridge and then up north he never gets in a hurry like most first timers or guns it or anything else but rides along enjoying the trip. We carry on a light banter talking about life and school and parents and music and surfing russian preteen photography and so many things that just happen. We rode up and down the beach a while longer then headed back to the paved road. We rode back to civilization , winter on the the beach at night is pretty desolate. I said head back to my place we can watch a movie or something. Gary says i'm ready to get in preteen ukraina the hot tub my self, nina preteen model I say cool the hot tub it virtual preteen xxx is. We continue to preteen porn nymphets ease back up the road, I am enjoying his easy relaxed way and having all kinds of wicked thoughts about having sex with him but i'm not sure if i'm being played to be picked up or if he's just some innocent hick with no idea as to what the world is really up too. He says along the way that he wished he hadn't gotten his room first that he would rather hang with me since I offered. I said go by pick up your stuff your still welcome to stay at my place. So we preteen boys kiss head that way msn preteen groups and and he did preteen naked animation pick a dive, we don't ukrainian preteens kdz have many of them , we prefer to refer to them as budget priced. He goes into the room and gets his bag and heads out drops the key off and says that he won't be nude preteen anal back. I see him standing there talking preteen beach nudes to the desk clerk and it looks like moneys changing hands and he comes out smiling that amazing smile. Gary hops into the truck and plops his back between us and says they game me most of my money back. I told them I ran into a old friend from school and was gonna stay there. He said it's not the money mind you but it's such a change to see folks that listen. We head back to my preteen websites videos place and I give him the complete tour. I said this is the guest room we wander thru the house I said you know preteen incest links your way thru the kitchen, if you want it help yourself. He smiled when I said that It seems to me any sexual inuendo I put out he smiles. I say you ready to hit the hot tub? He say heck yea. He says I didn't being a suit to wear cause it's winter time I said I got plenty of stuff I usually go in raw, but i'm cool with whatever your cool with. He sorta blushed and said i'll take a suit if it don't offend ya. I say no problem bra' some guys are more relaxed than others, i'm pretty causual but respect others wishes. I pull open a drawer and grab 2 speedo's and say you pick. He blushes and says your serious free preteen nonude aren't ya! I say hey Gary it's a suit it covers the parts you wanting to cover and from what I can tell you got a fine bod dude so quit worrying. He says yea your right I pull off my shirt and kick off my shoes, he takes his and heads pre teen fairys down the hall. I finish getting dressed, or vintage preteen nudist should I say undressed and covered. I hit the kitchen grab out a bottle of water and he comes in the room with a smile and nothing else on but the blue speedo and says i'm glad your place is warm. I wasn't being to much a perv looking at his basket but it was there but not porn star or anything. I said want something to drink? He says yea a beer, I say got a fridge by the tub full of cold one's. He says we gotta go outside don't we? I say yea but only about three steps. I open a door and we head underground preteen photos down a narrow set of steps to the bottom floor. preteen japanese child We go thru the surfboard room and he stops and says this is so cool. We talk about surfboards and surfing and the beach and then I realize i'm freezing. I say lets talk in the tub i'm freezing. He says yea me to. He has strong feet, He's cp models preteen built like the porn star Chase McKenzie, nice tight pecs flat abs pierced belly button butt looks good to but I would rather see it uncovered. We pull the preteen movi top off the tub and the vapors rise up and warm water is awaiting us. We both get in I play with some buttons get some lights and bubbles going and get some music started. I jump back out grab some beers and hand him one and one for me and put some in a bucket. I grab the remote up from the box by the tub and turn on the flat panel inside the surfboard room. I had a tv outside but one of the neighbor kids needed it more than me and took it home with him. The tub and beers have us relaxed and mellow, while neither of us drank alot at the bar, we both are less contrained now. He says man I gotta wizz dude, I say not in the tub ok, I say step by the bushes and let it fly. He gets out and goes where I pointed and I jump out and join arina preteen him, I needed to pee too but also wanted to catch a glimpse if possible. I flop my cock out of my red speedo and let it hang and a stream piles forth. He is using the both hands method of guys who usually have moderate equipment. I laugh and joke about something inane. We finish up and jump back in the warm water I say man I feel so much better he says me too. I stretch out and our feet touch, he flinches a bit stays put. I say man relax it don't get much better than this. It was then that I realized xxx preteens x we hadn't had the usual man I wish there was some puss around to preteen zep pthc fuck. I say to shoking preteen porn him don't it feel good. I reach my hand down and release my cock out of my speedo and the warm water and bubbles do there job. It don't take me long to get hard and stay that way. He's watching teen nudity preteen me all the while and I suspect he know exactly what I was doing. I see him dip a hand into the water and it looks to me like he's making some adjustment, i didn't press the moment I figured if for nothing more I would enjoy a pretty cool guy for a couple of days if sex happened great but I was gonna go easy. I reach back cathy model preteen behind me to get another beer and the head of my cock breaks the surface like periscope on a sub. I say opps laugh and say it happens every time I get in this thing. He laughs and says yea same things happening to me now I understand why you said you prefer to preteens masterbating go raw. I petite preteens tities laughed and laid my speedo on the side of the preteen models amsterdam tub and gave him a wicked smile and said my house my rules, He laughed and said preteens model toplees yea I guess so and his goes up beside mine. We laugh and joke a while more I got out once more to get more beers I caught him eyeing my cock. I'm anywhere from just under 8 hard to almost a half more when really really excited or wearing a cockring, just fashion magazin preteen started with them it's cool and sexy. I get back in and he says man thats a weapon you movie preteen porno got there, I say yea but basically harmless unless provoked, He euro topples preteens says to me whats it take nude spanish preteens to provoke it, I say not much and smile my best I want to suck preteen gallery blog your toes smile. He and I get out of the tub I open up the towel box and get two of them big hotel sized one's out wrap up and preteens sexpics we head upstairs. I say lets go in the living room and see whats on tv. We sit and talk blue mania preteens still wrapped in towels till about 2am then I say i'm gonna lay in the bed preteen models join flip on the tv your welcome to as well. He says naw he's gonna crash too, after watching some more tube. I say whatever watch all night act like your at home. I went to bed flipped on my flatscreen and promptly went to sleep. I felt something warm I shifted and turned and had my arm over a person. Laying next to me sound asleep was preteen drawing galleries Gary, after my heart slowed down a bit from the fright. I settled back preteen blowjob pic down. I was on asian preteen fuck my way back to sleep on my side when a arm goes over me and a warm body preteen model rachel pressed up provocative preteen nymphet against me. Fuck I thought i'll never get back to sleep now. I could feel his cock pressing against my but feel his breath on my neck and his arm felt good on me. I was trying to go back to sleep but my little brain attached to my raging boner was wanting to play. I shifted a bit and his cock found a comfortable spot right between my cheeks, damn now it's even worse as pre cum leaked outa my dickslit. He rubbed his hand a bit across my chest not much but just a little flick. I was slowly stirring I could feel his hardon pressing between my ass cheeks man this was driving me fucking crazy. I flexed my ass cheeks open a bit trapping his cock between them and it was nice feeling him there, He wasn't huge it felt so nice I would have gladly opened myself up for him and let him take my hole feeling him deep inside me. What I did have was a beautiful guy somewhere between dreamstate and sleep and conciousness naked and pressed tightly against me. His body had little jerks and twitches as I kept flexing preteen gallery heels me ass muscles to keep his cock trapped between them. A noise escaped his throat and I felt a hot gush of preteens young best warmth between my cheeks then another and another and at that point I was lost as my own pthc preteen cuties cock exploded in a volley of spasms on it's own I tightned my ass cheeks and let fly with my pent up cum. He pulled away from me after his orgasm not alot but candid preteen girls sorta half rolled away his breathing more normal. I thought about cleaning up a bit but instead preteen nude goddes closed my eyes and fell off to sleep. I woke up the next morning alone with clumps of dried cum in pics of preteen my pubes. It was late morning my head was pounding, preteen panites pics too many beers, damn I hate hangovers. I got up and brushed my teeth and got in the shower. I got out pulled on some track pants and a tee shirt I walked into the living room and into the kitchen was guzzeling OJ from the nonnude russian preteens container when the front door horny hot preteens opened up and in walks Gary arms full of grocery bags. He's got the great smile going dumping out free gallerys preteen food stuffs and asking where pans free bikini preteen are saying relax breakfast is his treat. He young preteensgirls naked says to me as he's cooking away that he had too much to drink last night at one point I woke preteen olga porn up in your bed. He said I fell asleep on the couch and must preteen girl modelz have gotten lost trying to find the guest room, Hope I didn't mind or get up set or anything it won't like he tried to buttfuck me or anything and I saw that sly look again. I said naw i'm cool and if he was gonna try to buttfuck me I would natural angels preteen rather be awake for that and smiled my it's yours if you want it smile and grabbed my cock. He said he would have to give it more thought, right now he wanted to take a a hang gliding lesson after breakfast then go see everything there was to see here. I preteen girl busty hope you enjoyed , I love to retell my experiences in life. It's based on the real deal but I do take writers honor of spicing it up sometimes. Comments are always welcome,
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